Glass Integrators

We Know Glass.

And Glass integrators know that getting door hardware right on a project often separates winning from losing. Strengthen your team, and your odds, by partnering with us. Mayflower Sales and our Glass customers have been winning for 107 years!

We are more than a distributor-Mayflower is your strategic consulting partner. We know glass and our PilgramPlus program provides our customers with:

  • Dedicated quote department
  • Door schedules and take offs
  • Factory registrations
  • Full submittal packages
  • Digital image upload center
  • Instant Chat provides on-demand online assistance

Our consultative approach to sales and service extends well to the glass industry. Door hardware may not be your expertise when it comes to  We are committed to working with you through scheduling and takeoffs to ensure that you get the right product when you need it. Our broad inventory of glass-related products includes uniquely deep stocking positions in Rixson and Dorma, along with Adams Rite, Norton, and dozens of other manufacturers of quality hardware. We excel in both the everyday and the unusual, from common door closers to highly specified floor closers. 

The Consultative Approach — that’s one of the things that really separates us from other wholesalers. We try to be the consultant. We want the hardest, toughest situation to quote. Glass houses don’t know much about hardware; not their area of expertise. They rely on MF completely on the hardware side because they don’t want to lose that business on the pull trims, operator and exit device. We take their hardware specifications and we take that off the plate for them — that’s why they love us and come to us. They don’t have an interest in learning hardware; they are able to say “Here are the hardware sets, LMK if it works, if so give me a price, if not give me an alternative.” We want it to seem like our Mayflower salesperson works for their company.