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Fuad Al-AaliFuad Al-Aali
17:25 27 Dec 21
I would give this place 10 stars.Sales representative extremely knowledgeable, very helpful.We are a commercial account and spend tens of thousands a year.LOW MARKS. Due to the counter serving non commercial accounts. Handing advise and showing walk in customers how to install or repair. Which I commend them for. But this is at the expense of your commercial accounts having to wait hours on end.This continues. We will be left no choice but to find someone that has customer representatives at the counter that solely takes care of commercial accounts as time for us us of the essence.Please fix, have someone dedicated at the counter for your commercial accounts, have them be pro-active by pulling there materials ready so they can “Grab n Go.”Do that and undoubtedly you will get 10 stars instead of the maximum 5.This review is subject to change to maximum stars allowed once commercial accounts at the counter are prioritized and have items ready so they can “grab n go”.Management pleeeeeeease fix. Your sales representative work hard for us, we trust them, we like them. We don’t like letting our frustration out on them when we have to wait an hour or more to have an item pulled out when we already asked sales rep to please have them ready for pick up.
19:04 04 Apr 19
I've place and order two months ago and some mistakes they made still waiting and don't have the courtesy to call me and apologize or tell me what's going on missing the old good guys they were really hard working people never had a problem with them if this personal can't do the job Get Out other people will do a better job
Frederick HodgsonFrederick Hodgson
15:22 16 Nov 18
I have had the pleasure of working with Mayflower sales for almost 10 years. Never a complaint.Gary at Mayflower is one of the most knowledgeable salespeople I have ever worked with and always comes up with a solution. He is a great guy and always goes the extra mile to ensure I order the correct materials.
03:34 16 Nov 18
We did some tree work for Mayflower Sales but I was so impressed by their warehouse and especially by their staff. Truly great leadership and the staff reflects the same.
Justin FrancisJustin Francis
14:11 21 Nov 16
Worst supplier I've ever had the displeasure of working with. Not only are half whits behind the glass, they will take your money and lie to your face to make sure they don't look like they are responsible for every mistake they make. Arron is the worst person to walk the earth... he is a liar and he is a cheat don't trust him