Securitron - Manufacturer of magnetic locks and security accessories!
Securitron® has excelled in product leadership starting with the first "E" profile magnetic lock in 1977, and moving to products such as the Touch Sense Bar, the first electronic lock releasing device utilizing the simple act of human touch. Along with their other innovative products such as the SAM, DK-Series keypads and the UnLatch, Mayflower Sales & Securitron® offer security products you can trust!

Magnetic Locks

Magnalock Selection Guide

M680 - 1100 lbs of holding force

M38 - 600 lbs of holding force - M38 Instructions

M68 - 1200 lbs of holding force - M68 Instructions

M32 - 600 lbs of holding force - M32 Instructions

M62 - 1200 lbs of holding force - M62 Instructions

M34R - 500 lbs of holding force - M34R Instructions

DM62 - Double Magnalock with 1200 lbs of holding force per leaf

MM15 - Hybrid maglock with up to 4000 lbs of holding force

SAM - Shear Aligning Magnalock with 1200 lbs of holding force - SAM Instructions

SAM2-24 - Shear Aligning Magnalock with 600 lbs of holding force - SAM2 Instructions - SAM2C Addendum

Accessories for M32/M62/M82 - Instructions for ASB - Instructions for EASB - Instructions for Z32/62/82
Accessories for Magnalocks - Instructions for GDB & AKG - Instructions for UHB

Gate Lock

GL1 - Gate lock - GL1 Instructions


UnLatch - UnLatch Instructions

Mortise UnLatch - Mortise UnLatch Instructions

Exit Devices

XMS - Exit Motion Sensor - XMS Instructions

EEB - Emergency Exit Button - EEB Instructions

PB Series - Push Button

TSB - Touch Sense Bar - TSB Instructions - TSB-3 Instructions

TSH - Touch Sense Handle - TSH Instructions

SP1 - Touch Sense Plate - SP1 Instructions

Digital Keypads

DK-12 Digital Keypad System - DK-12 Instructions - DK-12 Quick Reference Guide
DK-26 Digital Keypad System - DK-26 Instructions

System Accessories

MK & KP1 Key Switches - MK Series Instructions - KP1 Instructions

LM - Latch Monitors & Relay Logic Pack - LM Instructions - RLP Instructions

TM2 & TM9 - Timers - TM2 Instructions - TM9 Instructions

DT7 - Prime Time Digital Timer - DT7 Instructions

Power Supplies

ECOPOWER Power Supply - EPS05 Instructions

BPS12/24-1 Dual Voltage Boxed Power Supply - BPS12/24-1 Instructions - BPS12/24 3+Amp Instructions - Accessories

AQD3 Accupower Switching Power Supply - AQD3 Instructions
AQD3-1R Accupower Power Supply
AQD3-4C Accupower Power Supply
AQD5 Accupower Switching Power Supply - AQD5 Instructions
AQD6 Accupower Switching Power Supply - AQD6 Instructions
Accessories - Batteries, rectifier, control board and cabinet lock

Power Transfers

POWERJUMP ICPT - Instructions
CEPT Concealed power transfer - Instructions
EPT Electric power transfer - Instructions
TSB-C Door Cord

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