Detex - Exit controls, alarms & Security Products
For more than a century, Detex has earned the trust of architects and owners who rely on Detex products for the safety and security of people and property. A USA company, Detex designs, manufactures, markets and ships products around the world from New Braunfels, Texas. Detex is known internationally for life safety and security door hardware, loss prevention and architectural hardware.

Mayflower is the go-to source for Detex products! We likely have what you need in stock - pick it up today, or get it tomorrow with delivery by UPS or Fedex.

Exit Control Locks

ECL-230D Exit Control Lock - ECL-230D installation instructions

ECL-600 Fire Rated Exit Control Lock - ECL-600 installation instructions

ECL-620 Trim (installation instructions)

Exit Alarms

EAX-300 Door Prop Alarm - EAX-300 installation instructions

EAX-500 Exit Alarm - EAX-500 installation instructions

EAX-2500 Exit Alarm - EAX-2500 installation instructions - EA-2500 to EAX-2500 wiring conversion

Magnetic Contacts

Exit Devices

V40 Rim Exit Device - V40 installation instructions

V50 Vertical Rod Exit Device - V50 installation instructions

Trim for V40 & V50

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