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Door Controls International, founded in 1971, is a family owned and operated business, developing and manufacturing life-safety and security products for the commercial door and hardware industry.

The founder's vision was simple, manufacture the highest quality products and deliver outstanding services for our customers. Continued growth can be attributed to this belief. Not only is it important to develop products that set the standard within the industry, but equally as important, is maintaining customer satisfaction. Our entire team takes great pride in practicing this philosophy.

Mayflower stocks the most important item in the DCI line - the 1210 Series exit device with an alarm. Pick it up today, or get it tomorrow with delivery from UPS or Fedex. We would be happy to special order anything we don't stock.

Pannex Exit Devices

1200/1300 Exit Devices - 08 Trim instructions - 1200 Series Instructions - 1300 Series instructions - Single Door Prep - Alarm instructions

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